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Flores artscape Our Team

Meet the people bringing your landscape to life!


RUMALDO FLORES Executive Director

Rumaldo, a.k.a. "El Jefe" is our boss and resident landscaping mastermind. He has been working with plants and landscaping since he was a child in Durango, Mexico. After moving to The States he worked to create his own landscaping business where he could help people create spaces that made them truly feel at peace in today's fast paced world.

MIRIAM FLORES Deputy Executive Director

Working alongside Rumaldo since day one, Miriam helped expand Flores Artscape from the kitchen of their home back in 2004 to the beautiful location we now have on Eagle Rock Blvd. With over 30 years of experience in landscape management, Miriam’s expertise in this field is unparalleled. She oversees our day to day business to ensure that we deliver quality service to the satisfaction of each client. With a warm smile and a mother’s touch, Miriam’s care and attention to detail sets a standard for excellence that brings any landscape to life!

MARIANA SLY-MACIAS Chief Administrative Officer

Mariana has 25 years of experience in administration. As Chief Administrative Officer, she oversees Flores Artscape HR, sales and finance departments. Aside from her busy day of emailing, answering phones and serving the office with a huge smile Mariana likes to enjoy music.

FABIAN FLORES Chief Business Strategist

Fabian is our very own jack-of-all-trades and breaker-of-new-ground when it comes to all corporate goals. If you are trying to solve a problem, this is the man to see. He will see into the future and groove in new company procedures in order for us to service our clientele to the best of our ability. 

MELODY KODA Human Resources Manager

With over six years of experience in Human Resources, Melody has taken our hiring and company expansion to a whole new level. From personnel training to legal compliances, leave it to her to get it done right. If you are looking for better opportunities in your own career feel free to email her directly at .


Valeria has years of experience in business and finance. From vendor relationships to client accounts, she knows what she's doing. She's expert with all aspects of finance in relation to every project and ensures clients are in the know and well serviced each step of the way. 

ELAN FLORES HR Administrator

From safety compliance to weekly training sessions for our crews, Elan makes sure safety comes first! Being bilingual and well versed in OSHA standards, Elan works to create a safe environment no matter where we're working.

CALEB JORDAN Marketing and PR Coordinator

With a Bachelor's degree in Broadcasting and Advertising and years of experience, we couldn't have asked for anyone better. Caleb's top-of-the-line photography, video editing, marketing, and social media skills enable us to reach millions. On top of that Caleb actively works with the community on humanitarian, environmental and social betterment programs to help create a better and safer neighborhood for our families.

PERRY Office Dog

We all know who really runs things around here. Perry, our office Pomsky (Pomeranian-Husky) makes sure nothing falls behind. He is paid in belly-rubs and treats, and is on a strict no-chocolate diet.


ERIC WILLS Senior Design Consultant

A master in the subject of landscaping, Eric has been through it all and we are proud to have him as our Sales Manager. There is no better person than Eric who can understand your project fully and help consult you to your dream landscape!

LOURDES COMPARAN Appointments Supervisor

Lourdes is the genius and mind in this department when it comes to scheduling appointments and organizing it up to make sure that our customers are serviced. She tracks everything that come through and keeps it line!

JASON GORDON Design Consultant

Jason has several years experience in landscaping and is able to get you your estimate rapidly and showing exactly what you wanted! We are happy to have him on our team and as an employee. He can do his job and does it well! 

Joel Delgado Jr. Landscape Designer

Joel has three years of professional landscape design experience with Flores Artscape. As a skillful drafter, he has mastered the art of bringing our clients' projects to life in digital form using industry standard programs such as Real Time landscaping, Revit, AutoCAD, Sketch and Twin motion. Joel specializes in California native design, drought tolerant design, softscape design and hardscape designs.

Landscaping Production

SANDRO MORA Production Manager

Sandro has proven his skill in organization and landscaping to the utmost. He has 21 years of experience in Landscaping and knows how to bring your landscape to life from start to finish. He knows how to get your project done!


With countless skills and over fourteen years of experience, leave it to Arturo to deliver a perfect touch to each and every project. From carpentry and masonry to welding and irrigation, Arturo has done it all. With his expert supervision and guidance, our crews get it right every time. 

JUAN ARCEO Material Delivery In-Charge

Nobody knows navigation through LA traffic better than Juan when it comes to delivery routes and pick up times. Between himself and our drivers he ensures all materials and equipment gets delivered to each job site on time for the work to progress smoothly and according to schedule.

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