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What Questions Should You Ask Your Landscaper Before You Get Started?

Your Pinterest board is ready.   You have all your "Better Home & Garden" clippings.  And if you watch one more episode of HGTV you're going to start your own home design brand.  You are ready to tackle your landscape and bring to life the vision of your dream!

So, where do you start?

This might seem a little circuitous, but the best place to start actually is by talking to a landscaper.  But no one wants to be SOLD.  You just want an awesome landscape!  So, TALK to a landscaper!

What do you ask?

As awesome as your Pinterest boards are, unless you have done some deep-dive research into the biochemical needs and proper integration of ground elements for growth, you might have something that looks amazing, but is not the best thing for your yard specifically.


So talk to a landscaper!

Some of the questions you can ask are things like "What plants would do well in my yard?"  You might have an area that is totally shaded, or gets sunlight at specific times of day for specific hours of the day.  You might have soil that could use a little bit of a boost.  Or a setup where drip irrigation could let you diversify the plant life you otherwise wouldn't be able to sustain.

You can also ask questions about ground covers.  Did you know there are proper ways to install things like mulch and decomposed granite that can lower (if not eliminate) unwanted weed growth?  Properly installing these means less time spent weeding and more time spent reading in the sunshine enjoying your backyard!

Have you considered proper lighting for your landscape?  What is the best way to run the wiring to power the lights?  Would solar powered lights be a good option for you?  How should the lights be focused and where is the best place to put them?

What plants grow well together?  How far apart should the plants be so that they have room to grow?  They might not be beautifully lush when they first go in, but plants (like people) need lots of room to grow!  And after they have established their roots and really settled into a space that is their own, they will thrive!

Seem like a lot to get started with?

Talk to a landscaper!  Flores Artscape offers complimentary consultations so we can answer your questions and help you bring your landscape to life.

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