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New Years' Celebration

30 Jan 2020

New Year's Resolutions - Part III

Are you ready for part three of three on achieving your landscaping goals for 2020?

As we said in our blog posts the last few weeks, when we take responsibility for the effect on ourselves and the world around us, it makes for happier and healthier lives. Why not try a landscape resolution for a happier and healthier outdoor space?

With this in mind, here is the final installment in our series of New Year’s landscape resolution blogs to help you get past that mid-January hump when most resolutions fall by the wayside.  Here is the final of three weeks of positive reinforcement and advice! Let us help you meet those landscaping goals with some of these resources to keep you focused and stay the course of turning your resolutions into realities.


Ultimate Patio Experience

Improve Your Patio

Improving your patio should definitely be on your list of resolutions this year, particularly because this is a welcoming and enticing place where you, your family and your friends should spend time together outdoors. If you are not currently doing these things on your patio, then it must not be as inviting as it should be. This means there is definitely room for improvement.

It may be as simple as replacing the cushions on your patio furniture, sprucing up your decor or adding a little lighting. If that’s not enough, you might need to step up your patio-improvement game and install a built-in barbecue grill or fireplace, replace your old concrete with paving stones, or increase seating options for guests.

 (You guessed it, this is also something we can help you with!)


Drought-Tolerant Back Yard

Save Time on Yard Maintenance

Since enjoying life more is one of the reasons to make New Year’s resolutions in the first place, it seems only fitting to strive for low-maintenance landscaping that allows us to have attractive, inviting outdoor living areas that do not require hours of work each week. Planting native species, installing a drip irrigation system, opting for artificial grass and expanding hardscapes can save you time on yard maintenance and allow you to enjoy your home’s outdoor spaces to their full potential.

Turn Your Dreams into Reality!

This is the year! Breaking things down into a list can be a lot easier to face! But even with it all broken down, sometimes it can still be a lot.

For those days, we recommend that you work with a landscaping company to create and install that landscape design you’ve been dreaming of.

Enjoy your landscaping this year by hiring a landscaping company to lessen your weekend workload and increase your weekend relaxation!