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June 8, 2019

Newsflash: Flores Artscape Videos

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We love working with local homeowners and helping them turn their backyards into a special place they can call home.

This past weekend we teamed up with Space Dream Productions and went behind-the-scenes on some of our current projects, as well as visited some of our past work so we can showcase more of what we do!

spacey takes b-roll

On Friday, Flores Artscape owner, Rumaldo Flores, visited one of our current projects where we are removing a large overgrowth and installing a patio, planters with drip irrigation and a grassy area for dogs to run around.

He gave an in-depth look into our process and how we take a landscape from a relatively useless space to an at-home paradise using the beautiful natural resources available on each property.

Next, we returned to one of our favorite customers: a husband-wife team who love to garden but needed to get a head start on turning their backyard into more of a personalized haven.

We installed several hardscape elements and were now able to see the finished yard with their DIY add-ons to our professionally installed elements. Needless to say, they did an incredible job!

heralda's laughing
heralda's yard
work in progress

On Saturday we went to a home we completed over two years ago, with a custom stairway and fully drought-tolerant front yard.

We also stopped off at one of our ongoing installations where we are turning a backyard full of concrete and cement (in the homeowner's words "a prison yard"), into a beautiful place for their three boys to run around, complete with stucco, redwood, and freshly planted California-friendly hedging.

Check out a few of the photos, below, and stay tuned for these upcoming videos showcasing our work!