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Outdoor Dining Solutions for Restaurant Owners In A Post-COVID World


In 2020 the world changed in ways none of us expected.  While we all thought the initial shifts were temporary, as we come up on two years later, the adjustments we've had to make are looking to be more and more long-term.

One of the most impacted by the changes was the restaurant industry, which has suffered the most significant job and sales losses since March 2020, and none more than local community-run restaurants. 
So, what now?


Beyond the quick shifts to online orders, contactless payments, and curbside pickup, local restaurants can continue servicing their communities by embracing new landscape designs creating beautiful, welcoming outdoor waiting and seating areas.


Patio seating is a great way to create open spaces with an endless array of design possibilities - concrete pavers, bricks, and stones come in an array of colors and styles that can fit any motif.  Shade sails, pergolas, and umbrellas all help stay out of the mid-day sun while enjoying a lunch special.  

For lush greenery, potted plants can create the feel of a garden in smaller spaces, and are great for growing fresh herbs such as basil or mint which can then be used in the kitchen, which is a win-win all around!

Landscape lighting even as simple as string lights is a great way to provide a welcoming glow for guests while they dine, while visually inviting passers-by to stop and sit and order some food!

We know that landscape design for local restaurants means creating spaces that people can enjoy while stopping to have a sit-down meal in safer, open spaces.  Working with a professional landscaping company allows businesses to continue to offer people enjoyable restaurant experiences, and that's why we're here.

Don't forget that Flores Artscape offers complimentary consultations not only to local homeowners, and landlords, but also to any local small business owners looking to create an outdoor space to continue servicing customers, including rooftop and sidewalk designs with lighting and potted plant configurations for beautiful places to eat!