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Romantic Getaway in Your Own Backyard


The most romantic day of the year is right around the corner.  While there is an extensive list of pros and cons for travel, if you are more comfortable at home (or if you just looked at your calendar and realized you didn't make plans...!) there are a ton of great ideas to make some magic happen right away in your own backyard.

Twinkle lights (also known as "Fairy Lights" or, depending on the style, "Globe Lights"), are an instant magic-maker when it comes to spaces, especially small spaces.  They cast an even glow of light that makes any area look warm and inviting.  Easy to set up, and even easier to enjoy, having some soft lighting adds an extra layer of wonder to your evening.

To level up from there, why not plan a dinner "out"...outside that is!  A BBQ is always great place to start and don't forget you don't have to limit your BBQ experience to meats.  There are some incredible grill recipes for vegetables and even fruits.  Grilled heart-shaped pineapple slices, anyone??
Order in for an at-home picnic, or lean into the mood lighting with a private bistro setting for two.  With a nice tablecloth and a bread basket, you can have an intimate dinner without stepping too far from your back door.
Make it a camping night with a fire pit and roasted marshmallows.  You can always turn that into a dinner with fire-roasted kebabs and s'mores!  For more low-key fun, light an unscented candle and roast smaller marshmallows over the flame for a sweet dessert on even a simple night. 
Want to go big?  With consumer-friendly video projectors these days you can set up a screen and watch a movie under the stars.  Or keep it simple and curl up under a comfy blanket and watch a movie on a laptop or tablet, while still enjoying the fresh night air.
You can always keep it simple and hang out in a hammock, star gaze, or just watch the sunset together.  


Want to create a space that is magical all year long?  Permanent installations such as landscape lighting (including globe lights or twinkle lights), furnished patios, pergolas, BBQ areas, hammock spaces, fire pits, and even back yard theatre setups are all ways to bring your landscape to the next level and create a space you can escape to without needing to leave your own home.

Looking at bringing your landscaping dreams to life?  Give us a call for a complimentary consultation.  We're here to create a backyard you love!