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New Years' Celebration

2 Jan 2020

New Year's Resolutions - Part I

It’s finally 2020, a year for clarity of vision, and for envisioning new year’s resolutions. When it comes to laying the groundwork for goals, January is the perfect starting point. 

When we take responsibility for our effect on ourselves the world around us, it makes for happier and healthier lives. Why not try a landscape resolution for a happier, healthier outdoor space?


With this in mind, we’re doing a series of blogs on New Year’s landscape resolutions to help you get past that mid-January hump when most resolutions fall by the wayside.  Three weeks of positive reinforcement and advice!

Go on, meet those landscaping goals with some of these resources to help you stay the course of turning your resolutions into realities.

Composting Soil

Start Composting

Composting is a backyard activity that allows you to reduce the waste you send off to landfills, while also providing nutrient-rich soil to use in flower beds or vegetable gardens. Using compost around plants reduces the need for store-bought fertilizers and helps retain moisture more efficiently, which in turn saves money and conserves water. And starting a compost pile is both simple and doable, especially if you install a compost bin. Start making your own compost from landscape waste, vegetable garden waste, and even kitchen scraps!


Look into Lawn Alternatives

Removing your conventional lawn and replacing it with artificial turf, native plants, a vegetable garden or a larger patio is also a great way to beautify your yard, make it more functional and improve your outdoor living areas. You can also cut down on allergens in your yard, make it easier to clean up after pets and save time on yard work by avoiding the chores that come with conventional lawns, such as mowing, edging, aerating, weeding and fertilizing.

Artificial Turf Back Yard

Conserve More Water

Water conservation should be at the top of all Southern Californians’ list of resolutions. All of us need to do our part to save water wherever possible, and landscaping is definitely the place to start. You can easily cut down on the amount of water you use to maintain your yard by installing a drip irrigation system, removing some or all of your natural grass lawn, including more hardscapes in your landscape design, and planting low-maintenance, native species that thrive in our area with little water.

blue agave

There you go!  Three simple steps to start on your way to a your New Year’s Resolution of a better, more beautiful and eco-friendly landscape!