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24 March 2020

We're Not Going Anywhere: Here's Why!

As determined by the Los Angeles County Department of Health, and addressed in this letter from the CEO of the National Association of Landscape Professionals, Flores Artscape will continue to offer our services in the name of physical and mental health and safety.

While we always speak of the aesthetic and basic environmental benefits of landscaping, the underlying truth is that landscaping services are vital during times of outbreak. Additional illnesses beyond COVID19 can be spread through disease-carrying pests such as mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas which flourish in unkempt overgrowth, which is the last thing we need!

Drought-tolerant Landscaping

Spring is a critical time of year for our industry due to the abundance of growth that requires prompt maintenance and care. Wonderful winter rains do lead to beautiful superblooms, but also to general plant growth across Los Angeles. Halts and delays in landscape services during this time of year only magnify potential problems, and the longer that landscaping services are neglected, the more difficult it becomes to return to and maintain safe standards later in the year.

It has always been an under riding part of our mission as a family owned and operated small business to help protect your family by working to prevent such overgrowth, limit the pest population, and to help keep your environment safeguarded.

With that, we did want to mention that another crucial factor during this time is maintaining your mental health. Studies have shown that mental well-being diminishes dramatically in a run-down environment. Overgrown fields and lawns have a detrimental effect on the moods of inhabitants of degenerating towns, which is one more reason why there is currently governmental intervention to ensure that we keep our doors open and remain in service to our community!

While we work to maintain neighborhoods during this time, we want to reiterate our suggestions to limit sugar and alcohol intake (which are known to deplete your immune system), to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water, limit your social media time and find new projects and other things to engage in aside from an endless scroll of bad news!

Social Media Scrolling
Landscaper Working

There are hashtags like #QuarantineConcert that let you watch live music (or if you’re a musician, offers a platform to reach audiences)! There are online classes, virtual tours of museums, libraries that lend e-books, a multitude of ways to keep moving and growing in spite of the current limitations.

With respect to the current health crisis, the entire industry of landscaping professionals is taking aggressive steps within our organizations to circumvent any spread of COVID19. As landscapers, we largely function outdoors, which greatly reduces the chances to come into contact with other individuals. We are all working with strong policies in place to maintain social distancing with both clients and within our teams.

We are all in this together, and the Landscape industry stands with our public officials to stop the rapid transmission of COVID19 while also continuing to safely perform the essential functions necessary for you!

Don't hesitate to give us a call if there is anything we can assist you with.

Stay healthy and safe, and remember to continue to flourish and prosper!

Los Angeles