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22 August 2019

The Best Time to Landscape in Southern California

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We usually associate Springtime as the perfect planting season, followed only by summer where the sunshine is thought to bring wonderful conditions for growing your garden. But when it comes to landscaping in Southern California, the best times to landscape are actually winter and fall! 

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Growing conditions, especially in the fall, are far less shocking to new plants. Plants which have not only just been placed in their brand new homes, but are now fending off scorching afternoon heat and direct sunlight.  If you don't have two green thumbs and a few green fingers, you are going to find yourself scrambling to keep your plants happy and growing. These are all factors to be aware of if you opt for a brand new landscape design in the middle of summer.

Come California fall, when weather conditions are cooler, installing a new landscape design is actually ideal. Last year's rain provided the oportunity for hundreds of outdoor plants we installed to thrive and take root. We're hoping for the same in the coming year!

Call us for a complimentary consultation, and let's plan an autumn or winter landscape installation to transform your yard into an artscape!

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