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January 16, 2019

5 Reasons to Get Your Landscaping Done Before Summer


Summer is coming

Get ready for backyard fun with a custom sandbox or playset!

If you’re thinking of getting your landscaping done for the 4th of July, now is the time to get started. We know, we know - you’d rather put it off until the holiday hangover has worn off. But, here's 8 reason's why literally every season besides summer is the best time to redo your landscape in Los Angeles.

1. Spend your summer in the yard - not a construction site!

If you’re looking to install a new pergola, deck, or just new grass—spare yourself the hassle of trying to get it done on a deadline. In any new construction, including landscaping, complications may arise that cause delays on your project and your family fun. Start now and rest easy knowing you have plenty of time before barbecue season.

2. Cooler weather is much more favorable to new plantings than high summer heat.

For us gardeners, this is possibly the most important reason to install any new landscaping during fall, winter, or early spring. In July of 2018 temperatures soared above 105, causing extreme stress to even the most drought-tolerant plants. A plant that has had time to take root and store water during the cooler, rainier seasons will be much more likely to tough out a hot month without breaking a sweat.

3. Your project may be completed faster, at a lower cost.
You can save money in an off-season remodel because so many people redo their landscapes in the spring and beginning of summer. Once the season dies down, prices tend to drop. Additionally, your project may be completed faster when the landscaping company has fewer clients to worry about.

4. Enhance your curb appeal.
Thinking of selling your home? Summertime is not traditionally the peak season for Real Estate as buyers are busy enjoying the Summer months. Now is the time to get your landscaping project done before the market dies down.

5. Let your Landscape fully grow in before Summer.
A newly completed landscape often requires up to 6 weeks or more to fully grow in. For example, the hillside landscape pictured below was just recently planted and after several months will grow to its full potential. Wouldn’t you like to treat your guests to a feast for the eyes at your next summer party?

These healthy plantings are enjoying the rainy season as they take root in this hillside landscape. Many of them will grow to twice their size.

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