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March, 11, 2024

5 Reasons to Get Your Landscaping Done Before Summer


Summer is just around the corner!

Get ready to relax in your backyard with a custom pergola for shade or an aesthetic paver patio for summer time barbeques.

If you’re thinking of getting your landscaping done for the 4th of July, now is the time to get started. Here's 5 reason's why literally every season besides summer is the best time to redo your landscape in Los Angeles.

1. Spend your summer in the yard - not a construction site!

If you’re looking to install a new pergola, deck, or just new grass—spare yourself the hassle of trying to get it done on a deadline. In any new construction, including landscaping, complications may arise that cause delays on your project and your family fun. Start now and rest easy knowing you have plenty of time before barbecue season.

2. Cooler weather is much more favorable to new plantings than high summer heat.

For us gardeners, this is possibly the most important reason to install any new landscaping during fall, winter, or early spring. In July of 2018 temperatures soared above 105, causing extreme stress to even the most drought-tolerant plants. A plant that has had time to take root and store water during the cooler, rainier seasons will be much more likely to tough out a hot month without breaking a sweat.

3. Increased Property Value. A professionally landscaped yard can significantly increase the value of your property. Potential buyers are often willing to pay more for a home with attractive landscaping, especially in regions like California where outdoor living spaces are highly valued.

4. Reduced Maintenance. Well-planned landscaping can reduce the amount of time and effort required for yard maintenance. Choosing low-maintenance plants, installing irrigation systems, and incorporating hardscape features like gravel pathways can help minimize the need for mowing, watering, and weeding, allowing you to spend more time enjoying your yard and less time on upkeep.

5. Create a space for the whole family to enjoy.

landscaping isn't just about making your yard look good – it's about creating a space where your entire family, including your pets, can thrive. Lush gardens and inviting patios become spots for relaxation, playtime, and family activities. With safe areas for kids and pets to play, your outdoor space becomes a space for everyone. So, whether it's a lazy afternoon lounging on the patio, a lively game of fetch with your furry friend, or a gardening project with the whole family, landscaping turns your backyard into an oasis of joy and a space that the whole family can enjoy.
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