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February 14, 2023

Create The Perfect Work From Home Oasis in Your Backyard

Work from home

While the “Return to Office” debate grows across workplaces everywhere, why not have the perfect work from home oasis in your backyard? 

Maybe you work in an industry where home offices have always been part of your lifestyle.
Many artists, writers, filmmakers, even graphic designers, virtual assistants, accountants - the
list of common work-from-home positions has been long even before the pandemic.

So why not have the perfect work from home office right in your backyard?

While it might seem counterintuitive to take your work to the great outdoors, there are many benefits to working outside. Fresh air and sunshine are known boosters of serotonin levels and vitamin D.

A deck is a perfect place to perch your laptop and get a start on your day. Patio furniture does not need to look like a picnic. The design and style options out there range from rustic to industrial to Mediterranean Chic and all can be styled to support your day of work.

Did you know you can design your furniture layout to best match the time of day that you work?

For example, if you tend to be an early riser, you don’t want your outdoor workspace to face the
West. The sun rising in the East can create a glare on your screen and make it difficult to see. The opposite goes for night owls who get started as the sun goes down.

Speaking of night owls, outdoor lighting can create the perfect spot for an evening brainstorm or for those who find creativity under the stars.

Ready to step outside for a work from home oasis in your backyard? Give us a call at (323) 666-3510 for a complimentary consultation and let us bring your oasis to life!

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