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March 8, 2021

Decomposed Granite Part II: Drought-Tolerant Landscape Uses for DG

Tips & Tricks

There are numerous ways to use DG in landscaping, especially in regards to fulfilling a drought-tolerant objective. You can use this as a garden bed, pathway, driveway, patios, fire pit areas and a base for your trees.

It is able to fair against the weather and does not need watering or much maintenance, while covering a large area.

The most common colors are a California Gold and Sienna giving a tan feel, however there is an array to choose from depending on your design.

Decomposed granite is very versatile, as stated earlier you can use it on different projects and areas on your property while tying the overall look of your soft scape and hardscape together for a seamless design. It also is said to last anywhere from 7 to 10 years before needing major maintenance. Even when it does gets to that point, there is no need to worry as you can just get someone to add to the top layer, compact it and it looks good as new!

Another benefit from decomposed granite is that it helps drain any water flow off your property and keeps it from pooling. This will guard against the repercussions such as water damage to your cement foundation which can lead to a weak or crumbling foundation and resultant wall cracks, uneven floors, and a host of other problems. Make sure when it is installed it gets proper grading!

Lastly, it gets used in landscaping because it looks good. It’s neat and gives you a semblance of order and design whether it’s for a pathway, garden bed or driveway!

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