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Dreaming of a Lush Landscape


The Holidays are here, and now is the time for wishes and dreams (because we all need something to wish for)!  But what if some wishes can be more than a dream?

Lush landscaping might seem like an impossible dream for an Angeleno, but did you know that a lush landscape is totally possible while being drought-tolerant and Los Angeles-friendly?

While most drought-tolerant landscapes are more in the realm of hardscapes: pavers, concrete, patios, and other ways of creating spaces that won’t need to be watered, there are endless options for limiting water usage and still having a beautiful (and luscious) landscape.

Softscapes, which include elements such as decomposed granite, and drought-tolerant native plants can fill a landscape with lush greenery and soft style paths and walkways brimming with greenery and life.

It might seem counterintuitive to think about a new landscape as a holiday present when winter is hardly a well-known season for new plants.  Winter is one of the best times to rethink your landscape.  Cooler months with higher rainfall and less severe sunlight are absolutely perfect for establishing new plant growth.

What would your dream landscape look like?  If you could have the most luscious greenery to surround your home, why leave it as a dream?  Make your holiday wish come true and use these perfect winter months to bring your landscaping dreams to life! 

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