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Fall Facts: Landscaping in Southern California


With year-round sunshine, you might wonder if the season matters when deciding to landscape your yard.  We often look to Spring and Summer as key times for outdoor activities, but in fact, the harsh heat and blaring sun can mean a quick death for newly planted landscapes.  The temperate Fall weather is the perfect balance of cooler days, while still being warm enough for young plants to grow.

Autumn is actually one of the prime times for redesigning your yard.  As it is just before the rainy season, late Summer or early Fall is a great time for new plants to establish their roots and grow strong in the Winter's rain.

Consulting with a professional landscaping company can help you come up with a custom design that incorporates plants which will not only thrive in the cooler months, but take deep root and continue to grow for years to come!  As your growing zone can influence which plants are best suited for your home, having that professional input will give you the peace of mind that your plant selection will have a greater chance of thriving.

Take advantage of this season and use this perfect growing weather to bring your landscape to life with a design and style you've only ever dreamed of!

We are currently offering complimentary consultations and would love to help you transform your yard to the artscape you deserve!

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