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December 7, 2022

French Drains in Southern California?

French drain

The French have always had a heavy influence on Southern California, especially in the worlds of Fashion and Film. But what is a French Drain and why do you need one?

In simple terms, a French Drain is a submerged drain that is buried in the dirt near the foundation of a house or in a garden or yard to help remove excess water. This might not always be a concern in sunny So Cal, but when rainy season hits, it is a helpful way to assist getting water away from your property's foundation and basement. 

So yes, French drains are HIGHLY recommended! 

French drains are usually about 8 inches to 2 feet deep, and are best used in soil that might be regularly
saturated by rain or flooding. They also can be used around a pool or hot tub as a precaution
for overflow.

To install a French Drain, drainage fabric is used to line an area that is filled with gravel that surrounds a perforated pipe. The pipe is fully covered in gravel, then drainage fabric, then soil. It is important that the diameters of the gravel be significantly larger than the perforations of the
pipe, and that the drainage fabric be properly installed so that the pipe remains free of large particles and debris or other objects that could impede the flow of water when draining.

This creates a smooth way for water to drain away from a house or into another area away from a potential flood zone. The water moves easily through the pipes and is let out at a designated area where it will not negatively impact land or property.

Properly installed, a French Drain can last up to 30 or even 40 years. Simple maintenance of snaking the drain once every 12 months can help keep it free of anything that might have settled
into the pipe over the year. But beyond that, it is a great investment that can not only raise the property value of your house, but also help to protect your home.

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