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Gardening with the Kids!

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With the superbloom taking over social media, it's hard to miss the memo that Spring has sprung!

This is the perfect time of year to start planning your garden and revisiting your landscaping plans, it's also a perfect time to include your kids in the process!

Did you know that you can turn a cardboard egg carton into an indoor nursery for seedlings that you can then plant in your garden outside? Simply cut the carton in half lengthwise and remove the top. Then, fill the compartments for the eggs with potting soil.

Plant your seeds, water them regularly and make sure they have plenty of sunlight. Kids can help all along the process, planting and even watering the seedlings as they sprout up until they are ready to be planted in your garden outside.

You also can turn a large empty milk or juice carton into a bird feeder! Cut a square in each side, leaving about 2"-3" on the bottom, and leaving the corners intact to hold it together. Tie a string to the top to hang it in a tree branch or outside a window and fill it with birdseed! It's a great way to recycle and call your fine feathered friends to your window ledge for some at-home bird watching.

If you want to preserve all the beautiful wildflowers that are growing up along the sidewalks or in your backyard, you can press them to preserve them (but be careful not to pick flowers from national parks or state parks). Simply have your children pick a few blossoms or leaves that they want to preserve and place them between two sheets of plain, white paper. Then put them between the pages of a very thick book, and stack a few more books on top to weigh it down.

Check back in a few weeks, and you will have pressed preserved flowers to enjoy for all time!

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