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February 14, 2019

How Landscaping and Gardening Fit into a Sustainable Lifestyle


For any homeowner just getting into the exterior aspects of their home, sustainability is the word of the day. What does it mean exactly? A great definition and further explanation of the subject can be found on “Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

From your perspective, this means investing in a home that not only contributes to the beauty of its surroundings but the environmental well-being of the area. After all, caring for your environment doesn’t start out in a forest somewhere: it begins right at home. Here are some ideas for a more sustainable home-landscape.


Before getting into any professional landscaping, composting is an activity anyone with a yard can do. It will not only reduce the amount of trash produced by your household but will also dramatically improve the health and appearance of your yard! A simple step-by-step guide to composting can be found here and here.

Water Conservation:

Water conservation can begin by simply ensuring that your plants are properly irrigated.  Many homeowners don't realize that their plants and lawns can be watered much less frequently than they originally thought.  At the same time, irrigation systems should be properly maintained and timed to make sure your plants are properly cared for, including being watered at the right time of day so as not to waste any water. 

Landscape Design:

Design elements such as decomposed granite, polished river rocks, and even earth-toned mulches can be beautiful ground covers that require very little maintenance and absolutely no watering.

Paver stone patterns are another way to create beautiful pathways around your property. Surround the pavers with textured stones and you've created a beautiful and water-free element in your yard! 

Whether you plan on diving into the world of drought-tolerant landscapes, or just want to make your yard a bit more functional, your dream of a beautiful yet sustainable garden can come true!

Drought Tolerant Plants:

Many of us here in Southern California have heard of drought tolerant plants and their importance in saving water. But a drought tolerant yard is more than just a rock garden. If you're looking to switch to serious sustainability, succulents are your friends. These beautiful plants have literally thousands of varieties and can provide some of the most drought-friendly landscaping options there are. However, succulents are not your only options:  California has a rainbow of native grasses and other flowering plants that all require little water.

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