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How to Freshen Your Curb Appeal this Winter


Even during a seller’s market, people who are looking to sell their homes soon want to see the

highest possible price. Buyers get a first impression when they come across the property that

can be the difference between moving on to something else and putting in a competitive offer.

Curb appeal is the overarching term for the way your home looks when a buyer first pulls up to

look at it. While many people assume curb appeal matters most in the summer, that isn’t true!

You can do things during the winter that can boost your curb appeal right now, or that can yield

dividends in the spring and summer if you plan to sell them. Don’t neglect the value of great

landscaping and curb appeal even in the winter months.

Aerate Lawn Now To Yield Dividends Down the Road

California’s weather rhythms mean that aerating your lawn during the winter months actually

yields more dividends than doing it in other times of year. Aeration is good for the roots, but

does allow moisture to escape, which can be detrimental when hot weather is already taxing

your lawn. For an award-winning lawn that makes your home appeal to many buyers, schedule

aeration in the winter.

Add Drought-Resistant Plants That Look Great

You do not have to wait till spring to redo your landscaping! If you’ve let your landscaping go

and are worried that it will impact your winter or early spring sale, winter is the time to get in and

add your drought-resistant landscaping plants. An experienced California landscaper knows

plants to recommend that will benefit from putting down roots all winter and will be ready to

handle the scorchers that come in the summer. This is a curb appeal investment that can add

instant wow factor but will also make your home continue to be a great looking investment if you

end up delaying and selling in the summer.

Get Those Gutters in Great Shape For a Trim, Beautiful Look

While the lawn and flower beds matter a lot in your curb appeal, remember that the whole

picture of the property can be affected by little things. If a potential buyer looks up and sees

clogged gutters, with water or leaves spilling out of them after the autumn has passed, they may

subtly discount the home as less well-cared-for than they would otherwise feel. Solve this

problem easily by cleaning leaves out of gutters (and not just leaving them in the yard!) to give

off the most well-maintained first impression.

With these strategies, you can make either a winter home sale more effective or prepare your

home for a spring or summer sale, not just waiting through winter before getting started on curb


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