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December 27, 2018

In Living Color: Succulents in Landscaping


For year-round splashes of color succulents can’t be beat.  They add a lush palette to any landscape design, especially for increasingly popular drought tolerant options such as decomposed granite or rocks & pebbles. Here in LA, the year-round mild weather makes for endless succulent choices ranging from subtle to bold.

Here are some of our favorite ways to style and care for these incredible plants.

Fun fact: succulents are used in everything from medicine to Tequila! They come in edible forms, and can even be used for air filtration.

You can also find bright red succulent varieties that look festive for next year’s holiday season.

Did you know that some cacti (classified as succulents) even bloom gorgeous flowers? The Pincushion Cactus (left) is known for its bright daisy-like flowers.

If you’re trying to save on water but yearn for a flowering garden, you should also check out White Velvet, Butterwort, and Silver Shamrock.

Of course the big advantage in using succulents is that they are drought-tolerant, and so fit in well with the local climate.  Adding drip-irrigation is the best way to get a precise amount of water to them when it’s needed. 

Pictured left is a succulent nicknamed the Chalk Live forever. This plant sprouts new growths right on top of itself. It is also naturally coated with a powdery wax that makes it hard to kill. So if you fancy yourself a brown thumb, this may be the choice for you.

Planting succulents in gravel, river rock or mulch beds is a great way to add variety and interest to a landscape.

So if you want a low-maintenance landscape with enough colors to make an impressionistic painter jealous, adding succulents is the way to go.

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