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Is Your Fire Pit Ready for Winter?


An outdoor firepit can be your best friend when it comes to the cooler climates of fall and winter. But how do you ensure that it is ready for the remaining "brrrr" months? (Novebrrr, Decembrrr…)

For starters, it is important to keep your fireplace covered year-round so that extra debris and moisture don't collect as those can cause damage when the temperature starts to drop.

This is especially important in Southern California where it might be 85 degrees during the day and high 60 degrees at night. Those shifts from hot to cold and back to hot can cause stress on stonework and metal joints that can create premature deterioration. 

Check that no tree branches, brush or anything that could catch fire has grown over the summer months. Remember that your fire can throw sparks, so you want to keep the area above and around your fire pit clear.

If you have a fireplace with a flue make sure to have it professionally cleaned. And if it is a gas fireplace or fire pit, check the valves and make sure the assembly is in good working order. 

Even if your fire pit is in good condition, do not start with a large fire as soon as the pumpkins start to come out. Sudden high heat can also cause damage. Start with a few small fires before building it up and pulling out the marshmallows.

Don't have a fire pit to keep you warm outdoors this winter? No worries, we can build you a custom one! Give Flores Artscape a call at (323) 666-3510 or click here to schedule a complimentary consultation today!

Stay warm!

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