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December 27, 2022

What Is Landscape Fabric and Why Is It So Important?

Landscape fabric

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Mulch is a beautiful option for adding texture and color to your landscape while limiting water usage. Proper installation means that it also can be a very low-maintenance design element, allowing you to enjoy your yard with little upkeep to have it beautiful year round!

Landscape fabric is either a woven fabric or perforated manufactured sheet that is installed above the soil before mulch is laid down. It acts as a barrier limiting weed and other growth beneath the mulch.

Proper landscape fabric allows water to pass through, preventing puddles and limiting extraneous decomposition and rot. It also allows you to cover an area with mulch surrounding other plants that still receive natural water from rain or from a sprinkler or other irrigation system.

Drip irrigation can limit water usage and help be more environmentally friendly, but you still want
rainwater to be absorbed into the ground.

When properly installed, landscape fabric acts as a natural herbicide, preventing unwanted weed growth without the use of harsh chemicals which can be dangerous to young children and pets. As the fabric lets water through, but does not allow the sunlight through, weeds are less able to grow, keeping your mulch as intended when it was installed!

The landscape fabric can also help to hold moisture in the ground, as it evaporates slower with less sunlight.
The cost of the fabric is considerably lower than the cost of landscape maintenance, and it can even help to preserve the curve of your yard, preventing erosion down hillsides by holding back the soil under the mulch.

Should you decide to redesign your landscape in the future, and either change the mulch or remove it entirely, landscape fabric makes for quick removal and change of your design!

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