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January 23, 2023

New Year, New Yard?

Brand new Yard

The New Year is twelve whole months long, so that means you have twelve whole months to dream up and go after goals for the new year. Why not make redoing your landscaping one of them?

Ever wish for a drought-tolerant yard? Beyond just the savings of a lowered water bill, planting native plants, installing drip irrigation, switching to hardscapes or other ground covers that limit water usage is a great way to give back to Mother Earth and help protect the environment.

Are you a BBQ Buff? Why not have your own outdoor kitchen with a private grill, patio, and pergola? Not a fan of outdoor cooking? Patio spaces can still be great places to relax, work-from-home, and hang out with your kids or dogs (or both)!

 Love the nightlife but could do without trying to find parking in DTLA? Why not create your own nightlife in your backyard? Exterior lighting can create party vibes every day of the week! More a fan of privacy? Set up an intimate garden space with string lights or even an outdoor theater for your own private movie screenings!

The possibilities of a new landscape for the new year are absolutely endless. Why wait? 

Did you know that the winter months are the best time for redoing your landscaping, especially if you’re looking at adding new plants as the rainfall and cooler temps give your new greenery a boost at establishing a root system and getting settled before the summer sun!

Ready to go? Call Flores Artscape at (323) 666-3510 for a complimentary consultation and let us bring your landscape to life!

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