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March 29th, 2024

Summer-Ready Yard: Your Ultimate Warm Weather Checklist


The shift from spring's vibrant blooms to summer's rich foliage is more than nature's wardrobe change; it's a cue to transform our outdoor spaces into inviting retreats. As summer arrives, it's the ideal time to rejuvenate your garden, creating the perfect backdrop for al fresco dining, fire pit gatherings, or grill sessions. Here are key tips to enhance your outdoor experience through landscaping and hardscaping, capturing the season's essence.

Prepare Your Oasis: Landscaping at its Best

Refresh Your Flora

Exchange the remnants of the colder months with a spectrum of vibrant summer blooms. Select a palette of indigenous perennials for a low-maintenance and water-wise approach. Consider salvias, liatris, and coneflowers for a burst of color, while ornamental grasses sway in the warm breeze. For continuous visual interest, mix in some summer-flowering annuals like petunias and zinnias.

Mulch for Health

Mulching is the unsung hero of landscaping, offering myriad benefits, especially during the dry summer months. It helps retain moisture in the soil, suppresses weeds, and, as it breaks down, enriches the earth. Natural mulches like bark or wood chips are gentle on the eyes and the environment.

Hardscaping Harmony

Fuse the softness of your plants with the solid lines of hardscape features. From stepping stones leading to your quiet reading nook, to a grand path that highlights your newly installed firepit, hardscaping anchors your design while also being functional. Use permeable materials where possible to prevent erosion and allow rainwater to nourish the land.

When Planning Meets Planting

Visualize the Vision

Before plants hit dirt, visualize your garden's masterpiece. Design your gardens for enjoyment as well as aesthetics. This means grouping plants by their water needs, planning for shade, and leaving room for growth. A stroll around your garden should be as beautiful as it is functional.

Sustainable Sowing

With unpredictable weather patterns, it's more important than ever to garden sustainably. Consider drought-tolerant plants, rain gardens, and even converting parts of your yard into meadow or xeriscape landscaping. A sustainable garden is not only eco-friendly but also resilient and low-maintenance.

The Land of the Learning Landscape

Perennial Pleasures

Get to know your perennials. They're the reliable backbone of any garden, coming back year after year with minimal effort. Learn their bloom times, ideal growing conditions, and which ones play well with others to bring harmony to your landscape.

The Big Picture

Landscape design is a holistic art form. From the flow of one area to the next, to the framing of views and the integration of different elements, each decision impacts the whole. Take a step back and make sure you’re still in love with the big picture.

Calling in the Calvary

The Right Professional

Whether you're looking for a planting expert, custom pergola, or installation of a new paver patio, knowing when to call in the professionals is the mark of a savvy homeowner. Our team at Flores Artscape will help you bring, vision, and efficiency to your project, allowing you to enjoy the fruits of your labor much sooner.

The Consultation

When you're ready to take the plunge, start with a consultation. This is your chance to discuss your ideas, budget, and timeline. Our consultants will listen, offer insights, and create a plan that matches your vision and lifestyle.

Maintain the Magic

Even the most well-designed landscape needs upkeep. Plan a maintenance routine that keeps your garden in top shape, adjusts to its changing needs with the passing seasons, and continues to evolve. Engaging with your outdoor space throughout the year ensures it remains a thriving reflection of your home and heart.

Take the Step Towards Bringing your Summer Landscape to Life

Transform your outdoor area into a beautiful, experiential space this summer. Whether you're a gardening pro or a just starting, use these tips for ultimate outdoor enjoyment. Aim for a space that showcases nature's beauty and evokes positive feelings for you and your guests. To make your landscape even more stunning, our team is ready to help. A well-designed landscape is more than a view—it's an experience. Let's bring your outdoor dreams to life together!

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