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Project Spotlight: All the necessities


This boutique apartment building has us jealous

This small boutique apartment complex was already anything but ordinary before Flores got started on the front and back yard spaces. Nestled in a quiet corner of the Los Angeles hillside, it’s newly restored exterior has extreme hipster appeal. When Flores Artscape was brought on to do this project, the property owner wanted a space that was relaxing and multifunctional. Now completed, this space feels less “backyard” and more ”chic hotel courtyard”.

Design Details

Tenants and visitors can access the backyard through a completely new entryway staircase, custom designed and built by Flores Artscape out of redwood and sunset-colored gravel. This warm tone theme is carried throughout the entire project with red mulch and river pebbles.

The main entertainment space is an emphasis on multi-functionality. While one patio may be used for outdoor exercise or yoga, the concrete paver and river pebble platform is the perfect place for entertaining. All of which is surrounded by new grass, perfect for sunbathing and pets.

Drought-tolerant and succulent plants will make care and maintenance of this project easy on its owner. To provide easy access to the hillside landscape, Flores installed a concrete stairwell and vinyl gate.

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