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How Can You Prepare Your Landscape For Halloween?


It's spooky season! But the only thing scary about your yard should be your brilliant decorations. What are some important things to keep in mind as the nights get colder and darker and the ghouls and goblins (and let's be real, superheroes and villains and incredibly creative costumes we wish we thought of) make their way to your door in hopes of way more sugar than any small child should consume?

The most obvious safety point is to ensure your walkways are clear from things someone could trip or slip on. But as temperatures change, winds can pick up, and this means fallen branches. Also, some trees drop small berries and leaves that can collect quickly. Even regular fallen leaves can collect moisture overnight and become slippery. A quick sweep of your yard can ensure that visitors have an easy route to your front door.

Lighting is another important factor. Outdoor lighting can be one of the most fascinating parts of your landscape. It can turn a dark wooded corner into a beautiful hideaway, or a scary secluded
cul de sac into the perfect place to walk into the late hours of the night. You might want a dark feeling on All Hallow's Eve, but for little feet coming through your property in hopes of treats and
not tricks, having proper lighting in place is important! If you're not usually planning guests after dark, something simple like small solar-powered lamps to line a walkway, or stringing circus lights or small fairy lights along a railing can help illuminate the directions visitors should take.

Simple maintenance actions are important as well. Make sure any bricks or pavers or stepping stones have been replaced if broken or reinstalled if loose. You also should check that railings are secure and that banisters and fencing are sturdy. When choosing Halloween decor for your yard, opt for non-electric, or ensure wires and other
cables are not running across places where people will walk so as to help avoid tripping hazards.

Give us a call at (323) 666-3510 for a complimentary consultation if you
would like to look at lighting upgrades or hardscape installations to prepare your yard for the spooky evening. 

Here's to a safe and Happy Halloween!

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