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February 16, 2021

Thank You LOS ANGELES! Now Let's Start 2021 With a New Look!

New Year/New Design/New Outlook

Not just a new look in the back yard but a new look and outward take on the road ahead of us. We have journeyed through quite an adventure in 2020 and it’s time to look forward instead of looking back. 

It’s important here at Flores Artscape, that we as a local and family owned business acknowledge and thank all the clients that supported us through this hardship. THANK YOU LOS ANGELES! We couldn’t and wouldn’t have made it through without you. 

Every Customer that made that decision to work with us made it possible to continue working and provide honest jobs to other citizens of LA. 

How do you take what happened and come out on top? Well it’s possible for each individual to do this. It starts with a decision and change of mindset that things will turn out for the better and not getting deterred when they don’t immediately pan out that way, but persisting.

You have the ability to set your determination, decide and achieve your goals. If this were not the case then how would the underdogs ever make it through their hardships? The world has been affected through this pandemic, there is not a question on this, but it doesn’t mean that we have to continue to be affected, because we can choose not to be. Our ability to overcome and adapt the environment to us is striking and should not be underestimated.

Now with that said, we are here to help! With a new mindset for 2021, naturally should come a new space where you can expand into and enjoy, starting with your own front and back yard! We can help turn your unusable space into an area which can be enjoyed and experienced. Whether you want to host some entertainment, hold a zoom call, enjoy a coffee in the morning and read or book or just to have a place to smoke a cigarette we can accommodate you.

Our consultants have seen more designs then you can shake a stick at and more than likely can help you put something together. Or if you already have it created for yourself just say the word and we can go straight into estimating and installation.

Let’s start 2021 with a new look on the road ahead and the road to our backyard by creating an environment that supports each other!

See below for some Community Outreach Campaigns that we supported during this hard time to help and give back to the community that also supports us! If you are also interested in these let us know and we can get you connected.

@thewaytohappinessfdn @NortheastArea (LAPD Businesses for Better Law Enforcement for the Northeast Division)

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