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Thankful Gardening


It is almost Thanksgiving, the time to reflect on what you have and the things that make your life better! While landscaping may not be at the top of that list, there are actually a great many reasons why working on your landscape is something to be thankful for!

Obviously, having your home professionally landscaped does not require your own manual labor. Many people find it easier to maintain their yards once they have been landscaped, rather than start from a jungle and try to tame it back to at least a mild meadow, if not a functioning flowerbed.

The physical work of pulling weeds, trimming bushes and other light maintenance work on your landscape is great for burning calories and helping to keep you in shape! That’s something to be thankful for right there, especially with pumpkin pies right around the corner!

Gardening also is a fantastic stress reducer and can double as extra anger management. Furious after 2 hours on the 101 for what should have been a 20 minute drive? You rip those weeds right out of the ground! Ready for the 405 to not be a daily reminder of what was supposed to be the great carmageddon of 2011? Dig up that dirt and hack off all the excess growth from your bushes!

On top of that, working to help keep plants growing can give you a sense of accomplishment and help with maintaining a level of responsibility. Plants are alive, after all, and knowing you had a hand in helping to keep them alive can be a greatly satisfying feeling!

Even if you opt for professional landscape maintenance, spending time out in your yard with the sun shining can help raise your vitamin D levels, which have been proven to improve mood, and boost your immune system. And with an immaculate yard beautifully designed, who wouldn’t want to spend time there?

Spending time outside helps to connect you with nature. And while you may start with an attack in mind, you might find yourself calming in the sunshine and greenery, relaxing and enjoying the time outdoors.

Find new things to be thankful for by reconnecting with Mother Nature!

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