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The Jungalow Craze


The "Jungalow" craze is probably one of the best crazes to get behind right now.

If you haven't already heard of it, "Jungalow" (Jungle-Bungalow, i.e. filling your home with houseplants) is not only fantastic for the environment but fantastic for you in many ways!

But where to start?

First, the humble houseplant. Did you know that having a houseplant can increase the oxygen levels of your home and helps to remove impurities in the air? They have also been found to benefit general mental health by improving well-being and happiness.

There are many different types of plants, and not every plant is right for every person.

The first step to tackle is deciding what type of plants you're interested in.  Do flowering orchids hold your heart?  Are you a sweet lover of succulents?  Perhaps you want something with a pop of color or a bold statement piece that can be living art as well.  Are you looking to have an herb garden and be able to harvest the plants you are growing?

One thing to consider when choosing which plants will fill your shelves is maintenance-level. Of course, no plant is "maintenance-free" but how much care can you give regularly?  Are you an organized person who never misses a beat and will keep up with precise watering schedules?  Or are you running around so much already, the idea of one more thing to do on a regular basis is a bit overwhelming?

If you fall into the latter category, you may want to consider a cactus or other succulent that doesn't need much water.  You can also grow certain plants in bottles or glasses of water, and only need to remember to make sure the bottles are full.

Another thing to consider is how much light you have in your home. Note where the sun comes in and how direct it is.

Ivy, Snake Plants and MaidenHair Ferns all grow very well in lower light, while Succulents and Geraniums require more direct and full sunlight.

Don't feel overwhelmed by all this.  If you have windows facing different directions in different rooms, you have many options for plants and where to put them!  Also, depending on where you live, you could do a small outdoor garden of potted plants, or use a patio area or do a window box.

There are unlimited assortments of pots and hanging planters.  Etsy is full of creative and colorful or classic options.  If you are crafty, you can also decorate pots yourself, or even DIY custom planters out of repurposed household or thrift store items.

Once you have your plants planned and picked out the fun can begin!

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