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The Value of Professional Landscaping

Does landscaping your yard make a difference?

In a word, yes.

But there is quite a bit more to it than that!

Did you know that landscaping can not only help you save water and lead a more sustainable lifestyle, but it also can help prevent flooding and fires?  It can also do nothing more than look amazing and turn your home into a paradise. Often people feel they can achieve landscape Nirvana with DIY methods, but there are countless reasons to have your landscape professionally done.

Sustainability and Going Green are not just popular buzzwords, but important things to consider when considering your own front (or back!) yard.  Proper irrigation, such as drip irrigation, which deposits controlled amounts of water at exact points to exact plants (and not the pavement), can not only help you prevent water waste, but can also help you save on your water bill.  Drought-tolerant landscaping can also mean plants that don't require regular pruning, or alternatives such as decomposed granite, artificial grasses, or gravel combinations to help cut down on water needs and stay sustainable while still looking amazing.


Flooding is not a huge issue in Southern California, but proper drainage can be the difference between a soggy lawn after a sudden rainstorm, or an otherwise inability of water to flow through your property.  Professional landscaping takes all these factors into account during the planning and installation of your landscape. This ensures that there are no issues with drainage.

We see far too many headlines about wide-spread fires, and proper landscape maintenance can help to keep dead brush cleared away, curbing fires by decreasing the available fuel.  While regular brush clearing is important, proper landscaping can mean you never have dead brush in the first place.

And let's be real, your landscape is what you see every single time you walk in or out of your house.  It should be a little slice of heaven for you, and it should look amazing! So, while there are many practical reasons to have your landscaping properly done, you also deserve to have a place that is truly home, a place where you can enjoy being outside and have a reason to smile every time you walk through your door!

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