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Turn your backyard into a haven for creativity

We don't know about you but with Spring starting to become sprung, and Summer around the corner, we will take every chance we can to enjoy the outdoors.  Aside from the increased serotonin levels from sunlight, having a relaxing outdoor space can be a fantastic source of inspiration, if not just helping to increase bandwidth to hit your work targets for the day.

So, you can just grab a folding chair and settle into the sunlight, right?  Well, not sure about you but that doesn't sound super comfortable to us...

Why not lean in to all the incredible things a custom landscape can bring into your life?

A peaceful patio with stylized furniture can create an outdoor work space that will make you never want to set foot into an office again!

Space for kids and dogs to run around means you can stay close to the ones you love while you work - best of both worlds!

But - landscapes are a TON of work, right?  Who has time to take care of that?

You do - because the right landscape design with native plants and proper drip irrigation can be custom designed for your space thinking with the least amount of maintenance needed.  Your time needs to be spent doing what you do best.  And enjoying your beautiful back yard while you peak your remote productivity.

And with beautiful summer nights right around the corner, the perfect landscape lighting means you can extend your outdoor enjoyment under the starry sky.

Want some epic mood inspiration?  Imagine working away next to a custom fire pit, and maybe even enjoying a s'more (or two...) as a reward for beating your deadlines!

You can stop imagining now. Ready to make your backyard into the best second office ever?  Give us a call and let us give you a complimentary consultation to see how we can help bring your landscape to life.

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