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What are the options for Decking and Why Does it Matter

As you may know there are several options for installing decking in your yard.  You might be thinking of different types of wood (which is an option), but there are also additional materials such as IPE, Mangaris, and Trex.

Before we dive down into a deep landscape technical abyss, those are just different materials that can be used to build a deck that are made of different materials and allow more options and factors to be taken into account when deciding which material to use.

IPE is a very tough wood from the Tabebuia tree (native to the American tropics and subtropics, usually found from Mexico to the Caribbean, and as far south as Argentina).  Because the tree grows in extreme tropical environment, the wood itself is very dense which makes it quite strong, which is good for building high-traffic structures such as a deck.  It also has a naturally high occurring oil content which helps protect the wood even further.  The wood is so durable it can last up to 50 years once installed!

MANGARIS RED is another naturally hard wood that has a beautiful rich color with very tight interlocked grain.  It is a deep red color that can be as beautiful as mahogany. 

Trex is to decking as Kleenex is to tissues.  It is a brand that uses recycled materials for a composite made by blending plastic and wood fibers.  By combining the two materials the decking is stronger and more resilient than most woods, or just plastic decking.  While many woods can warp, rot, or splinter, composite decking doesn't fade, it resists damage, and doesn't need sealing or painting.  The recycled aspect means it is more sustainable for the environment as opposed to freshly harvested wood.

Each one of these options can be a beautiful choice for your home and make the perfect deck with the right design and installation process. 

Looking to install a deck?  Call us for a complimentary consultation so we can help you design the perfect deck with the best materials for you!

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