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January 17, 2023

When should you start planting for Spring?


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Depending on where you live, and what you're looking to plant, there are different start times across your climate zone, of which there are several across Southern California.

If you are in an area with no frost, or live in an area where the last frost of the year is usually over by February, January is the right time to get seedlings growing as they will be ready to move into the ground within 4-6 weeks.

February is also the perfect time to start planting nursery-bought plants or other new living landscape flora as the temperatures are cooler. The natural rainfall from the Winter months heading into Spring means less irrigation needed, and time to establish strong roots before the onset of the summer sun.

While most of us think of the summer sun as the perfect time to get outdoors and start planting, the winter and fall are actually the times to start. Those beautiful blooms across the spring and the lush summer harvests are only possible with planning and planting early in the year.

If you are in a more desert area, in March you can dive into "stone fruits" (fruits with a pit such as plums, peaches, and their hybrid nectarines). March is also a great time to start an herb garden and have fresh aromatic and organic herbs right in your backyard come BBQ season.

The best time to grow is now, so give us a call and let us help bring your landscape to life!

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