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When Your Yard Looks More Like a Jungle


It is hard to believe that just a few months ago Los Angeles was overwhelmed with acres of brush fires followed by what seemed like endless rainy days.

Looking around, even just on social media, it's clear the Superbloom is still going strong as Mother Nature breathes new life into the charred and rain-soaked hills.

But as we all stayed cooped up inside, our own backyards may have slid freely from "lawn" to "weed jungle." Ready or not, as Justin Timberlake has been meme'd to say, "it's gonna be May" and Summer is right around the corner!

If your yard is not quite BBQ/Yoga/Garden Party ready, here are a few tips to get you on your way!
First and foremost, collect up twigs, fallen branches, and any other debris that can be removed by hand. Then rake up old leaves and smaller debris.
Hand weed out unwanted plants and pull up dead patches of grass. If the rains have blessed you with a plethora of unwanted growth, you may need to apply an organic weed killer or call a professional for assistance.
Next, you can put down extra grass seed that will have time to grow into a lush green by Summertime!

If your lawn has slipped to Jumanji-levels of a jungle, or if you're just done with the watering and mowing and constant maintenance of a full lawn, there are a wide variety of drought-tolerant and low-maintenance landscaping options we'd be happy to help you with! You can also get a one-time clean-up to get your densely overgrown yard in party-ready condition.
Or check out some of our Pinterest boards for some DIY inspo!

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