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indoor plants

9 July 2019

Houseplant Heaven: How to Landscape When There's No Space?

gardening, tips & tricks

Tiny space?  No problem!

With the "jungalo" craze growing out of control in the best way, eventually you do have to ask yourself, "Can I manage outdoor plants as well?" Spoiler alert: You absolutely can!

dresser plants
planter box

There are tons of options for outdoor gardening, and Summertime is the perfect time to test out your green thumb and get your hands wet and a little dirty in the best way!

A basic form of outdoor gardening for beginners is simple outdoor potted plants, or window boxes.   Either one is great especially if you live in an apartment, or in a house with little to no yard space.  

Patios are also a great way to make space for a garden, and potted plants allow for an easily manageable experience as you expand your garden growth.  They also make fantastic accent pieces for front doors or porches. 

Pro Tip:

Potted gardens are also great for renters as you can just pack them up with you when you move!

Another easy way to dip in to the bright green world of gardening is to start with a tiny garden area of your yard.  You can even build small raised planters to fill with soil to designate a spot.  And if your yard is already small, you can pick an area best suited for a garden and have at it! 

window plants

There are tons of great ways to create small garden spaces in your yard, such as upcycling cinderblocks or palates.  Be sure to use non-treated wooden palates if opting for this, especially if you have kids or pets, or you are planning on growing food you will eat.  Also, if you love the railroad tie look, make sure not to use actual former railroad ties as that wood is heavily treated and quite toxic.  You can get faux ties or create your own if you're feeling crafty!

mini garden

No matter what, if you're considering starting your own little garden, be sure to take into account sunlight and soil quality, and pick a spot that is best suited for the plants you will be growing!

A whole world of plants awaits you!