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Flores artscape Lawns & Artificial Turf

Traditional Lawns

Our team is highly experienced in installing sod, grass and traditional lawns. Green grass in your front and back yard is a big boost in property value and curb appeal. Who doesn't like seeing a beautiful green lawn? One of the best attributes of natural grass is that no matter the temperature outside, it will not get hot, as sometimes occurs in artificial lawns. 

If you've always dreamt of having a gorgeous lawn worthy of a golf course, give us a call today! Our Consultants will help you come up with the perfect solution for your home.  

Artificial Turf

Especially applicable in California where drought-consciousness is extremely important, artificial turf is a brilliant take on the quintessential lawn. Artificial turf can go a long way in terms of water costs and conservation. What's more, they look great, will never die, never turn brown, never grow, you'll never have to mow the lawn again. 

Often impossible to notice the difference from a distance, artificial lawns can make your home look a Stepford Wives cutout, minus the robots. 

Contact us today!

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