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Flores artscape Outdoor Lighting & Smart Systems

Outdoor Lighting & Smart Systems

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting adds dramatic beauty and enhances the look of your home. But the additional benefit of increased safety and security can not be over looked.  Not only does it illuminate stairs and walkways to outdoor living spaces for family and guests, but it allows you to see more clearly when arriving home or heading out at night. Well placed lighting showcases the natural beauty of your  landscaping with ambiance that turns a darkened area into an inviting space after dark.

Smart Lighting & Irrigation Systems

With the touch of a button on your smart phone you can control your property’s lighting and irrigation systems, just like the rest of your smart home, from a beach on the other side of the world. Smart irrigation and lighting systems are the modern convenience better homes are discovering. Not only is it convenient, but gives you peace of mind when away for the evening or traveling abroad that your property will be safe and well maintained.

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